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Detox Lapis Shampoo


Activated charcoal acts as a magnet for impurities—toxins, pollutants, excess product and oils—and rinses them away, leaving hair deeply cleansed and bouncier. Apple cider vinegar and Dandelion Root further assist in removal of build-up and scalp revitalization, which helps tackle dandruff too.

Formulated with: Activated Charcoal, Black Pepper, Willow Bark, Dandelion Root, Kaolin Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar +

Designed for: Detoxing the hair and scalp of all fabrics

Notes of: Invigorating wintergreen with a touch of spice

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Detox Shampoo
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elizabeth H.
Great product!

I really like the detox stone and mix it in occasionally with my usual Hydrate shampoo stone regimen. Like the other Conscia products I've tried, it is high quality, smells pleasant and mild, is a great size and shape, works well, and has super nice environmentally friendly packaging. I love the lather on this stone and how clean my hair and scalp feel!


Love the scent and that the stones hold so well in the shower, most of the bars I used before would break into pieces. The detox stone is great for cleansing my scalp especially after summer, without stripping it. definitely will be back for more!

Amazing deep clean

Love the detox stone, gives my scalp a deep cleaning without stripping it. Hair feels renewed, just what I needed after summer. Love all the amazing natural smells too of the stones I’ve tried so far, and the detox is no exception, an herbal spa in my shower

Detox is a great reset!

I love this Detox Shampoo....just a nice deep cleaning every once in a while! I feel like I'm getting all the buildup of products that I use, cleaned from my hair. Great products...great company!!