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A Strengthening Boost

Antioxidants plus amino acids increase cellular proliferation and enhance circulation to promote hair growth, while thickening strands, nurturing the scalp and protecting from environmental and hormonal stressors.

Formulated with: Matcha*, Calendula flower*, Brahmi*, Frankincense*, Saw Palmetto*, Nettle*+

Designed for: Fine, fragile or aging hair; imbalance, vitamin-deficient scalp

Notes of: Grounding herbaceous woods 

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Fortify Shampoo
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Customer Reviews

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Best Shampoo Ever

If my 18-year old self could see me today he'd be altogether disappointed, except for one thing: the cherubic locks of hair that grace my head. Coming from a family with baldness on both sides of the aisle, I agonized over the seeming inevitability of my beautiful physique being desecrated by a bald head. I spent years searching for a shampoo befitting my lofty, hair-based ambitions, and was perennially disappointed until the Fall of '21 when I discovered the Conscia Fortify Lapis Shampoo. Within the first few months, I noticed my thinning hair begin to thicken, and the follicles that grew back felt silky and soft, as if my hair had taken on the texture of the finest cashmere. I felt re-born, a phoenix rising from the ashes. Soon, I began to fly through life, armed with the hair of the Gods and a renewed vigor. To whomever the creators of this amazing product are: by saving my hair, you saved my life. Thank you.